Monday, May 11, 2009

Introduction and a little of this, a little of that.

My name is Kaci Scott and I will be posting from Italy in two days and counting. :) I am a Jr. at RSU in Business Administration, but I have a passion for art. I am super excited for this trip! And I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures!

So, the finals are over thank goodness! Now it's on to packing, laundry, and saying goodbyes! I had an email sent to me saying my bag could only weigh 40 pounds... Lets just say I don't have a reputation for packing light... My suitcase minus the clothes already weighs 13.6 lbs.. I'm a tad nervous; I have my scale downstairs with my bag to weigh every couple of hours, ha ha.

I still am sad to leave everyone behind, but I know the trip will be worth it. The trip, I'm sure, will fly by. I will miss my two pup pups pretty bad tho...
This is my Tobi, with his big puppy eyes. :)

And this is my polar bear, Pokie :)
Also with my wonderful beaux Justin who I will miss so much!

But anyways, like I said, this trip will deffinately be worth it! So I'm signing off to go pack, and to go give Bryce some forms I got a threatening email about. Til next time, feel the love all, Kaci Alicia

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