Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh Roma! Part One!

So, Roma was amazing! We all had so much fun, and I know it was the best part for most of us! Oh, the adventures we had in Rome. Lets see what happened :)
We got to Rome Sunday around noon. After we all got packed we went to the Piazza Norvana, which has the Fountain of the Four Rivers by Bernini! It was pretty sweet.
Then it was on to the Pantheon, which is amazingly amazing!

Then some of us decided to get something to eat, and we happened apon a McDonald's! The McD's in Italia has an amazing meal called the Crispy McBacon! And we all ordered it! It was pretty good for McDonalds! Yay first burger in a month!

After our lunch break it was off to the Trevi Fountain!

Our coins we threw in!We all took pics of ourselves while we threw in our coins and made our wish!So pret-ty! (people laugh at me because I pronounce my t's ha ha) :)

From the Trevi Fountain we wandered apon the Trajan's coloumn and the ruins of the Roman Market Place. Where we also met some.... Interesting gladiators...

The Trajan's Column, and a close up of the details. Its just unthinkable how someone would do this... but amazing!Said to be the market placeThe crazy Roman guys that Charity wanted a pic with! Ha ha they were funny!Me and Rachel with the Gladiators!
Kris with the Romans! Love it!Then to the Colleseum!Me and Rachel touching the Colleseo!

Inside the Colleseo!Constantine's Arch!So, this was the first part of Rome! Sorry I didn't upday sooner, but we had no, zip, zero internet connection! Stay tuned for the Oh Roma, Part Two, coming tonight!

Ciao! Kaci and Charity

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Catch up day!

So I finally got done packing! We're off to Rome bright and early tomorrow! I thought I would go ahead and write a second blog of the day, to catch you guys up on whats been happening the past week. I know I won't have time in Rome, way to many things to see, I'll be writing about those amazing things!
Ok, lets start off with the day trip we took to Sansepolcro and Arezzo. We learned a lot about the artist Pieoro della Francesca. He has many wonderful works such as, The Resurrection 1492, Madonna of Mercy 1462 (one of my favorite), Baptism of Christ, Death of Adam (I like this one a lot too), etc.. In these paintings you really see the perspective starting to show. It's quite interesting.
From Sansepolcro we went to Arezzo, a beautiful town. It was also where they filmed the movie Life is Beautiful (which is amazing and you should definitely go rent it if you haven't seen it!). We did some shopping while we were there, of which I got not one but two bathing suits! yay!
Cathedral of Arezzo
So, after all of this we got on the bus to drive back to our home of Montone. We were just riding along....... when we heard a horrible sound..... we had a flat. And I have some awesome pics of how we passed the time on the side of the road!
Our flat :(
How I passed the time... Ha ha of course.
How Denny passed the time away. haha
How our amazing bus driver passed the time away.
How the snail colony we found passed their time away :)
And the rest of us just played with the snails to pass the time :)
Eventually our awesome bus driver fixed the wheel and we were safely transported to our destination of the Fortebraccio!
Another adventure we had was when we hiked up a mountain called Mt. Bestia (the beast!) ok ok... Maybe not a mountain, but it was a kind of steep hill! We hiked to the top to paint our quaint village of Montone from afar! On the way there we had some interesting going ons. First off Bryce decided to help us forget our walk ahead by making us laugh!

He did this by doing some sort of gorilla dancing or walking or something. It was quite hilarious!
Then I tried to take a picture of a pretty blue flower, and got attacked by a crazy killer bee! The bees are very harassing here in Italia. And finally we made it to the top where we started our work.
Our water colors!
Rachel and Kris painting and smiling! :)
Carl getting situated.
Our beloved Montone. Which we will miss. I can't believe it's our last day. :(
Well, I tried to catch you guys up. I didn't get quite all of it in there, but it's time to change for dinner. And maybe a night out on the town since it's our last :)

Kaci and Charity :)

Last days in Montone...

Well, today is our last day in the quaint village of Montone... I am a little sad, but the excitement of Rome is still over powering my sadness. It probly hasn't hit me that we're leaving either. Maybe it will when I pack later today, eventually, ha ha.
The art show went well :) Our linolium (don't make fun of my spelling) prints sold the best, which of course made made Denny smile. Our show turned out better than we expected I believe. Yay! Here are some pics of some of our finito work!

Today we have a date with our last gelato in Montone! So, there will be more pictures later! Chow, as my father would say! Kaci and Charity