Monday, May 18, 2009

Si Si Assisi! Silencio!

So Saturday we went to the beautiful quaint town of Assisi.
We had many interesting encounters while we were there. It all started with Charity lusting after all the very, oh so cute Italian boys! Isabella on the otherhad (Rebecca and Matteo's daughter) decided to chase the pigeons instead of boys it was adorable! We had an awesome shopping spree while we were in Assisi! The first thing Charity and I bought were these amazing scarves to match our outfits! Then we found some leather bound journals that we had to have! I bought a knife and the man that sold it to me said that I speak perfect Italian! I was pretty stoked! At the end of the day we went to get some yummy yummy gelato! As we sat down to eat this wonderful creation, Perri Jo told us an interesting story that happened to her in this quaint town of Assisi.
She told us how they were trying to feed the birds, and an Italian called her an 'idioto Americano' for feeding the pigeons. Then later in the day she was called a 'stupid Italian' by an American. You might say she had a rough day, but it turned out for a funny story.
As we walked through the town we encountered both Jesus and a green monk. (These were two men posing as statues) We took pictures of the monk and gave him some euros and he blessed us with the ringing of his bell and by giving us a piece of paper with inspiring words written upon it, of which Charity had to fight desperately for. This monk had a sense of humor, which was quite entertaining to watch!
Now about the things we actually went there to see...
Church of St. Claire
The only pic I got inside...
The next was the church of St. Francesco (I forgot how to spell it)
I know there aren't as many pictures of the churches (that were amazing and beautiful) but we couldn't take any pictures inside... :( Oh, and they also had monks inside the Francesco that kept saying, 'silencio! shhhhhh.... silence!!!' into a microphone every ten minutes. Which we all kind of laughed at. But it was an amazing place!

Ciao for now!

Kaci and Charity :)

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