Sunday, May 17, 2009

Don't be late to the gate! Yet the gate was late...

So finally our story for you can begin.... yay internet!

We arrived at the airport at around five am... eww! None of us had very much sleep so you can imagine how our day went! Luckily none of us got stopped at security, and we proceeded to the plane. Which boarded twenty minutes late. We flew from Tulsa to Newark. Which is in New Jersey I found out. Once in Newark we had a six hour lay over! even more eww. But we found ways to pass the time such as: moving walkways, gelato, and practicing Italiano! And of course making fun of Bryce Brimer, our wonderful papa professor! Who we had to wait on for like half an hour every hour, ha ha! Before the eight hour flight from Newark to Rome, Charity forced me to take a Dramamine, since she sat in front of me and did not want to be vomited on :) Lets just say I woke up for meals only. They told me that we were on the taxiway for an hour before we actually took off, but I was not completely aware of my surroundings at the time.... But we made it safely to Rome in about 7 1/2 hours. Once in Rome, Charity proceeded to throw all of our baggage at us from off the luggage belt. You must remember she is a boyscout! Yay Charity!

Once we had our baggage we were flagged down by our very nice looking Italian bus driver Amelio!

So for introductions we have:

Charity and myself (double perfection) who will be hosting your blog for the next four weeks!

From left to right

Della - Amazing! Shes so sweet!

Kris - Funny, sarcastic, and loves his music!

Bogi (Amanda) - Sweet with awesome purple hair!

Rachel - First time flying! Shes tiny and quiet but very sociable at the same time!


Charity - Hilarious! So lovable! She gets excited about everything! Especially Italian boys!

Brian - Sweet guy, very intelligent!

Bryce (papa) - .... yeah .... no just kidding! Hes an easy going fun guy that is organized! And loves his air guitar!

Perri Jo - She has an amazing smile! Quite funny, and an olympic swimmer!

Carl - Technologically advanced, very creative, and a sweetie!

Denny - Sarcastic but nice. He has hilarious facial expressions! Taking pictures of Italy's amazing graphic design work.

Not pictured but coming soon: Nicole (Bryce's wife) - So so sweet, and quite funny :) She's momma there for us all!

Our first successful blog brought to you by Charity and Kaci at the front desk at the Fortebraccio!


Kaci and Charity :)

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  1. Did you really refer to Bryce as "organized"? Perhaps this is a personality trait that only emerges in Italy!