Sunday, May 17, 2009

Orvieto and Arrival in Montone!!

So after being picked up by the adorable Italian bus driver, we proceeded to go to the town of Orvieto, where Kaci decided that she forgot her... oh no.... BELOVED SUNGLASSES! We hurridly purchased a new pair for 5 euro. Yay!

We then got on a tram which took us up a beautiful mountain/hill side thing, where we arrived at the Duomo (we forgot how to spell it). The wow factor was like.... BAM! times 10 billion. There is no words for it's awesome - seriously.

Afterwards Brian, Charity, and Kaci went to lunch. We frantically searched for a non-touristy restaurant where we could eat a "real" Italian meal. Brian then tried to order in Italian.... he did ok. Although, the woman couldn't understand a word and went to get her mother who spoke like.. 5 words of English if even that. We ordered some amazing stuff though, in the end. Brian liked his pasta very much. :] In the midst of leaving, the wind decided that the day the Americans came to Italy would be the time to blow the tram tickets out of Bryce's pocket and into the abyss of the Italian countryside. Sadly, we had to pay for new ones... the Italian woman was quite the crab about the whole situation. She clicked her pincers furiously at us.

The arrival of Montone: ORANGE.
That is all we saw as we approached our new home. Hotel Fortebraccio: friend of wayward American students looking for Italian adventure. We were greeted by the most "super" Italian, Super Mario (said in an Italian accent), and as Della calls him, Ratatouille.... he speaks 5 languages including French, which explains the name. Duh. That night we went to dinner and met the most amazing couple who would be our guides for the next month: Rebecca and Matteo. AWESOME.

Ciao for now, yo.

Charity and Kaci.

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