Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our last days in Montone

Our last night up on the hill we ate at the Pizzeria and had a yummy meal and lots of laughs. I took a few last photos and I'll post them to give you all one last view of the town we all knew as home for three and a half weeks.

On our last night at the Adamo, Giovanni and Beatrice and their family (these are the owners of our hotel), threw us a big seafood feast and it was GOOD!
this was our bathroom that we (me, Kendra, and Charlotte) shared for almost a month!
Rob showing his love for the Jitterbug.
Me all fancy on our last night in the Adamo.
Archway into/out of Montone

The place we hung out at and bought gelato from often.
The piazza we always hung out in.
My last Montone sunset (sniff).
Meagan and Charlotte at the Pizzeria. Below are Charlotte and Rachel.
We also had a big barbeque at Luca's (the blacksmith) house and it was totally awesome! The food was great, the people were unique and entertaining and the house was gorgeous. and kinda quirky. They had a trapese swing in one room. and yes...some of us hung upside down from it. That's Meagan hanging upside down from it, by the way (the picture is on it's side)
Oh...that crazy Rob :)
This is Enrico (Matteo's bro), umm...can't remember the other woman's name, Rebecca Bachetti, and Rebecca Reed.
And Cayla entertained everyone for a while by playing a guitar and singing. She's very good! Of course, we all sang along and teared up a bit when she sang "Time of your life" by Greenday.

I think I speak for all of us when I say we will miss Montone and it's people. They were incredibly kind and hospitable and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there. For those of you considering this trip next year, I highly recommend it. I had a blast! And it was truly the experience of a lifetime.

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