Thursday, June 5, 2008


Remember Tuesday at the blacksmith? Well today Kendra (middle), Charlotte (bottom), and I (top) finished our metal projects. And we all contributed to the construction of the pieces then Luca (the blacksmith) helped us finish the pieces they didn't look like crap. There are still some people that need to finish their pieces but I think that will happen next week.

Tomorrow we travel to Arezzo and San Sepolcro to see the works of Peirro della Francesca and others. I will post again with those pictures when we get back. I know...I still haven't posted the pics from last weekend but I'm busy people! So back off!

Speaking of busy, there's a magazine over here called Valley Life that's published in both English and Italian that has asked me to write an article about the trip and I did :) I'm going to be published! In Italy! Woo hoo :) Alright, that's all for now.

Ciao people!

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