Saturday, May 24, 2008

We're here!

Well, it took us about 25 hours to get to Montone but I must say the wait was well worth it. You know the stereotypical idea of Italy where there are rolling hills and old buildings and lots of vino? Well, I do believe that is Montone. However, on the drive to Montone from Rome, there was an amazing mix of industrialization and older buildings and culture. 

Okay, the first photo is me after that 25 hours of travel and about 2 hours of intermittent sleep. The second photo is the view of Montone from our hotel. Now, what we did not know was that our hotel is in the valley and the actual village of Montone is on top of a very big hill. It took us about 45 mins to hike up that hill. And we hiked up that hill the same day after we had traveled 25 hours. It was the longest and hardest walk of my life. But the third photo is the view from the top. It was the most beautiful view I have ever seen in my life. 

Well, we have been having internet problems at the hotel so I will try to post as often as possible but I really wanted to post ASAP to give you all my first impressions. All I can say is that is just breathtakingly beautiful and I'm almost overwhelmed trying to take it all in. Almost but not quite. It's just wonderful. I'm trying to be poetic and descriptive but I'm still quite tired. I will be writing in a journal while I'm gazing out on those beautiful views so the next time I will try to put in some of my poetic musings when I'm able to put some on paper. 

"Talk" to you all soon!


  1. Hey Jennifer, this is your amazing sister who just graduated…read your blog and it sounds fantabulous! yes that’s high school graduate word, it’s in some type of dictionary...I know it! haha
    Anyway glad everything is going good, I'll continue to post my comments and continue to have fun and remember.... "Simba, Never forget who you are" and bring me back something AWSOME!
    love ya-


  2. I don't know if I was able tell you this enough times before you left... but Jennifer. YOU SUCK! hahahaha, no worries dude, I'm just jealous. Btw, you've got some pretty good lookin jet-lag, way to go ^u^