Friday, May 30, 2008

Having a Good Time

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let everyone at home know we're having a great time :) We have class and critique during the week and we all eat dinner together at either the pizzeria in Montone or at our hotel. For the most part, everyone gets along and we're having a blast. Montone is very relaxing and peaceful and we love that but are looking forward to the energy of Rome and Florence. 

Daniel Lang is amazing and has been very gracious in his critiques. The other night there was a slide show of his work and he talked about his inspiration, methods, and preferred imagery. I hope you all have at least googled him because his work is amazing. I'm still working on getting some images up on the blog but I'm technologically limited here. Hence the reason I haven't been posting daily. 

To me, one of the best things about this trip is not only that we get to experience all the art and culture of Italy, but also that we have a camaraderie with each other in the group. I know that I'm making friends with people now who will hopefully be lifelong. We are also meeting new people in Italy, most of whom don't speak english, but they are all very friendly and accommodating. 

I shall post more next week. This evening we are taking a trip to an artist's studio and I'll take pictures and let you know about all the festivities that occur over the weekend. 



  1. I would like to know who the girl is in that last picture with Prof. Moeller?

  2. Jennifer..I'm really enjoying your blog. Jim Ford is our son-in-law, and our daughter Laura, will be joining your group next week. You're doing a great job..very informative and witty, and the pictures are wonderful. Thanks for helping us share such a meaningful experience with all of you.
    Ellen Gray
    Alexandria, La