Thursday, May 8, 2008

14 days and counting...

Well folks, this is your intrepid student blogger, (Jennifer Hanley) and there are a number of things I feel I need to discuss in this post. The first order of business is this:

WOO HOO!!! FINALS ARE OVER!!! Do you hear that heavenly sound? It's a choir of angels singing HALLELUJAH!!! HALLELUJAH!!! HALLELUJAH!!!

Okay, now that I have that out of my system...on to other items. Firstly, I am on the prowl for an automatic converter for all my appliances to work in Italy (my hairdryer, flat iron, phone charger, etc) but that is proving much more confusing and expensive than I thought. I guess I was under the misconception that you just had to buy a little plug thingy and there ya go. That's all you need. I assumed that would cost under $15. How wrong I was. There are cheap plugs but they only work with dual voltage appliances. I haven't checked yet if any of my appliances are dual voltage but I'm guessing they're probably not. So I have to buy an automatic converter kit and guess what folks, that costs in the neighborhood of $45-$60. That is not an expense I had figured in.

Anyways, that's life right? Poor me, I'm going to Italy and I can't figure out which converter to buy. Right about now you're saying "cry me a river!". Well, it's an issue and I'm the blogger so :p

Furthermore, now that finals are over I am going to start officially blogging more. I will share with you all of the trials and tribulations I go through as I prepare for this monumentally exciting journey. And then, of course, once we all reach our destination of Montone, Italy I will blog on a regular basis about all the fantastic adventures we have. There will be pictures but I promised RSU we'd all at least appear sober. Or at least we have to keep the bottles of vino out of the picture. I even allowed to blog about this? Don't worry, folks, it's all legal for me. I'm 25.

Moving seriously folks, it's going to be exciting. The trip of a lifetime. Hopefully not once in a lifetime but ya catch my drift. Next time I'll try to include some pictures so you all will have something to look at. It might not be exciting though...just warning you. It will probably be a pic of my luggage or which ever converter I end up buying.

For now, this is your intrepid student blogger signing off!

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